Sunday, 16 June 2013

Where did summer go?! OOTD...

Hey Lovelies!

It appears that Britain has had about two weeks of summer and completely skipped to Autumn, so when I went out yesterday I had to dress for colder weather :(.

Jumper: Asos.
Shorts: Levis (Urban Outfitters).
Belt: Next. 
Shoes: Vans (tReds).
Tights: I dont know.

I hope you enjoyed reading that little post! 
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Love Lucy xx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Aloha Bloglovin'

Hey lovelies, today's post is quite important so listen up!

So, I've been roaming the blogging world and I've seen that Google Reader is soon to be gone. But lets not flap, there's an easy solution to this, you may or may not have noticed the Bloglovin' icons floating around my blog (If you haven't just a have cheeky look right now).
Bloglovin' is a website that allows you to follow all your favorite blogs (including tumblr ones) and also keep an eye on your own blog.
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Love Lucy xx

Friday, 7 June 2013

Lucy Loves | May 2013

Hiya lovelies, yet another late favorites post!

I can't believe how quickly this post comes around, but here's my latest 'Lucy Loves' post I hope you enjoy it!

1. You Rebel by Benefit.

I've been wearing this almost everyday this month, with only a bit of concealer under my eyes. This product is perfect for summer because it's very moisturizing and has an spf 15 so it'll also protect your skin from the sun.

2. Revlon Colour burst lip butters.

These are amazing! Though the colour doesn't last very long, they are super moisturizing for your lips and the colour is very sheer and build able.

Creme Brule


Juicy Papaya 

3. Aussie, Miracle moist shampoo and conditioner.

I've tried a lot of different hair products but these are my favorite, they're very inexpensive, keep my hair feeling soft and smell really lovely!

4. Freederm gel.

This works really well on individual red spots that sometimes come up, it reduces the redness almost straight away, I love it!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post.
Love Lucy xx