Sunday, 17 February 2013

17/2/13 Outfit of the day...

Hey Lovelies!

I haven't posted in ages! I'm so sorry but I've been caught up with school and stuff (again).
So today my mum and dad decided to go for a walk on the beach with my dog and then go and get a hot drink afterwards, so I said I'd go with them, and whilst I was out I managed to get a decent photo of my outfit, so of course that concluded in me now writing this outfit of the day post (stop blabbing now luce).

Coat: M&S
Collared top: Topshop
Jumper: Asos
Jeans: Topshop
Wellies: Dunlop

After our walk we went into this little 50's style cafe and I ordered a Nutella hot chocolate, and just, well look at it, it was heavenly!

I hope you enjoyed this little post, I'm on half term now so expect some more posts guyss!

Love Lucy xx

Saturday, 9 February 2013

What's in my makeup bag ?...

Hey Lovelies!

I realize that I did already make one of these posts but when I was giving my blog a bit of a makeover I deleted it because I didn't like the layout ect. So today in this post I'll be telling you about my everyday makeup and what makeup I like to carry around with me.

The Collection 2000, Lasting Perfection concealer is absolutely amazing! It's quite famous in the beauty blogging world, It's amazing for covering dark under-eye circles and other facial blemishes.
I also have this You Rebel tinted moisturizer from Benefit which I love because it's light but still gives good coverage and a smooth finish to my skin.
When I'm having a bad skin day I like to use this Bobbi Brown foundation because the coverage is so good and it doesn't clog up my skin too much.
I love the Clinique face powder so much because it keeps my face matte all day and it feels so light on my skin.
I also have Browzings from Benefit and I use this to fill in my eyebrows everday, I have the medium shade and it maches the colour of my brows perfectly and it lasts all day!
I have lots of mascaras but this Pump up the volume one from collection 2000 is by far my favorite because it adds length, volume and curls my lashes at the same time!
And last but not least this Revlon colour burst lip butter in Peach Parfait is so pretty, its a light pink colour with flecks of gold in it, it keeps my lips moist and shiny throughout the day and I just love it.

So they're the makeup products that I use everyday and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Love Lucy xx

Friday, 8 February 2013

My Life | London!

Hey Lovelies!

Wow! So, yesterday I went on a History trip to London with some of the other pupils in my year and In this post I'll be telling you all about what we did and my outfit which you know I had quite a lot of trouble deciding on.

We started our 5 hour journey at 6am (I know!) and the coach journey was so fun! I always find the journey better than the actual trip because you have plenty of time to have a laugh with friends, we finally arrived in London at around 11 and took a short walk to the Churchill War Rooms where we were able to look at the underground bunker from where the 2nd World War was manged.
Then we walked over to Trafalgar Square to eat lunch, and while we were there Sam and the Whomp  were filming a promo video for their tour and they asked some of us to 'whomp' with them, unfortunately I was too busy taking photos of the fountain and I didn't realize who they were until they walked off (Just my luck).

The last thing we did was totally amazing! we spoke to a Holocaust survivor, his story was so inspirational and I was just... amazed, and then when he had finished speaking to us we got a chance to look around the Jewish Museum which was rather boring.
We set off for home at around 5pm and about an hour into our journey we stopped in a services to gt some dinner and I brought a KFC, a bag of m&ms and a Starbucks caramel machiato.
When we got back on the coach me an my friend made a cheeky change to the seats in front because the boys behind us were kicking the back of seats haha!
It was such a great day and experience and I hope that all of you have had a chance to experience something like this or will have a chance in the future!


Cardgan: Asos
Top: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Converse 

Welldone for reading all they way to the end! I hope you enjoyed this post, London is a truly fantastic place!

Love Lucy xx

Monday, 4 February 2013

Lonely Valentines Day...

Hey Lovelies!

I'm being totally honest with you when I say that I never had Valentine (sad I know). Being single is great because you can be selfish and you don't need to worry about making both you and the person you are with happy, but being single on Valentines day SUCKS! So here are some of my favorite ways to keep myself happy on Valentines day.
Unfortunately Valentines day is school day this year so not all of us can have a good girls day out or pampering day (unless you feel like pulling a sicky!) But all of us can have a nice cozy evening to ourselves.

-Have a bath! preferably a pink one, my favorite thing to use is the comforter by lush as smells soo lovely and turns the water pink!
-Grab a few Romantic films. My favorites are: The Lucky One, Dear John and The Notebook.
-Chocolates! Buy yourself some of your favorite chocolates and pig out.
-Online Shopping! Possibly the best way to spend valentines day because you don't need to leave the house and you can spoil yourself rotten!
-Fangirl. You have a whole day to dream about Tom Daley, One Direction, Chaning Tatum or anyone else you might be into, read fanfics (if you suffer from feels like me this might not be such a good idea), think up despicable scenarios in your head, do what ever you want, it's your day!
-Try not to go online as much. You will see posts about love and relationships so it's best you steer clear of the web.

There is no reason for you to let one day of the year make you feel worthless or ugly, just because you don't have boyfriend doesn't mean you can't have a good day too! I hope my tips were helpful and I hope you all have a lovely Valentines day single or not!

Love Lucy xx