Friday, 8 February 2013

My Life | London!

Hey Lovelies!

Wow! So, yesterday I went on a History trip to London with some of the other pupils in my year and In this post I'll be telling you all about what we did and my outfit which you know I had quite a lot of trouble deciding on.

We started our 5 hour journey at 6am (I know!) and the coach journey was so fun! I always find the journey better than the actual trip because you have plenty of time to have a laugh with friends, we finally arrived in London at around 11 and took a short walk to the Churchill War Rooms where we were able to look at the underground bunker from where the 2nd World War was manged.
Then we walked over to Trafalgar Square to eat lunch, and while we were there Sam and the Whomp  were filming a promo video for their tour and they asked some of us to 'whomp' with them, unfortunately I was too busy taking photos of the fountain and I didn't realize who they were until they walked off (Just my luck).

The last thing we did was totally amazing! we spoke to a Holocaust survivor, his story was so inspirational and I was just... amazed, and then when he had finished speaking to us we got a chance to look around the Jewish Museum which was rather boring.
We set off for home at around 5pm and about an hour into our journey we stopped in a services to gt some dinner and I brought a KFC, a bag of m&ms and a Starbucks caramel machiato.
When we got back on the coach me an my friend made a cheeky change to the seats in front because the boys behind us were kicking the back of seats haha!
It was such a great day and experience and I hope that all of you have had a chance to experience something like this or will have a chance in the future!


Cardgan: Asos
Top: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Converse 

Welldone for reading all they way to the end! I hope you enjoyed this post, London is a truly fantastic place!

Love Lucy xx