Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Life | My option subjects...

Hey Lovelies!

So in my last post I mentioned that I was in year 9 and had just chosen my option subjects that I am going to be studying in year 10 and 11, and in this post I'll be going into more detail about the subjects I chose and why.

At my school we are allowed to choose 6 subjects, not including Maths English and Philosophy(ew), I immediately put Art and Textiles down as I've always had an interest in fashion and design, I also put down triple Science because I do really enjoy it! I also chose Geography and Spanish so that I could qualify for an e-bacc providing I get a minimum grade of a C in all my GCSE's, because I chose triple Science I didn't get to chose a sixth subject but that didn't really bother me at all.
I'm really hoping I've made all the right choices because I'm not 100% sure about what I want to do when I leave school but I think these subjects will give me wide range of options in the future.

Well this post was rather boring but it was requested, and I like to try and help my followers as much as I can, so I hope you found it helpful and gave you a few ideas about what options you might like to take.

I have just ordered a ton of thing of ebay for really great prices, so when they all arrive I shall do a little haul post :-)

Love Lucy xx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My life | where I've been/what I'm doing...

Hey my lovelies! 

I wish I had some fantastic, interesting excuse for not posting but I really don't, I'm mostly just incredibly lazy and up to my eyeballs with homework and other things us teenagers have to cope with, so I just wrote this post to let you all know that I am still alive but I just haven't posted in while because life seems to be taking over so blogging is really at the bottom of my to-do list.

As I'm in year 9 I have just selected my option subjects that I'm going to study over the next two years, I found it fairly easy to choose these subjects as I had a fairly clear image of what I want to do when I leave school (I can do another post on that if you'd like) and I decided that it's time to knuckle down and try harder with my school work as I do find my self slacking a bit, so as an effect of this my posts will be less frequent but I will try to post about once a week.  

So, there's a little explanation for you guys, thankyou all so much for sticking with me, I really appreciate it :)
Love Lucy xx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My Life | !! ONE DIRECTION !!

Hey Lovelies!

I must be the worst blogger ever, I'm so irregular with my posts but today I came home from school and I thought that you lovely, lovely people deserved to know about my One Direction concert experience, by the way if you don't like One Direction please don't feel like you have to read this post.

So on Saturday I went to my first ever One Direction concert in Cardiff with my friend, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was actually the best night of my life.
We got to the venue pretty early so that we would be able to buy merchandise, after we brought all our little bits and bobs we headed over to the side door to queue up and we ended up waiting about 2 hours before we were actually let in.
Once we were inside there was quite long wait before the first supporting act came on, her name was Camryn, once she had finished performing their second supporting act 5 Seconds of  Summer came on, they were amazing!
Then finally the boys came on and sang Up All Night to get us all in the party mood (hehe).
Here's the setlist so that I don't have to write all the songs out:

I don't think they were in exactly this order.
During One way or another (performed on the second stage) the most amazing thing happened, Liam Payne waved at me! It was so crazy, I was totally overwhelmed and I started to cry (please, I can't help being a fangirl) luckily my friend had a tissue to hand so was able to wipe my face, but then, I guess Liam must have seen me in hysterics because he pointed towards me and he had a rather concerned look on his face, it was so sweet, and exiting and wow!
A lot of other amazing and funny things happened during the show but I'm not going to talk about all of them otherwise this post will be way too long.

And they came even closer to us!
It still doesn't feel real now, it just feels like a massive dream, but it was a truly amazing experience, and if you are going to see them or anyone else in concert please just take in every moment because its so so special.

Well done for making to the end guys!
Love Lucy xx